Restoration Projects

1935 door question

Need to find out if any other door will fit my 1935 T,mine has the wood re-enforcement and want to swap out for steel re-enforcement… My doors are in great shape,but want the steel instead… »

1910 Diamond Car up-date

Hi Bill, Its Bill here, Just wanted to say hello, and let you know what has been going on with the 1910 Diamond. This spring we got tires mounted on it. Now its alot easier to move around when we have to do so. We also discovered the steering box is really in poor poor shape and we will be looking in to that as soon as the weather shifts and my lawn doesn’t need all my extra time. I’ve... »

DT Diesel Conversion

Hello! I am brand new in this Forum, but not new to Diamond T’s. Not knowing exactly where and how to start, I began as an apprentice Cadillac Mechanic in i958 after messing around with Harleys and Cushman motorscooters. I soon graduated to trucks and Heavy Equipment. In 1970, I bought a one owner 1947 Diamond T model 404HHS cab& chassis from the R&V Cartage Co. of Chicago. They haul... »

Diamond T 975a

Hello I am restoring a 1944 Diamond T 975a cargo truck,it was in the canadian army during WW2.and then given to the norwegian army.It then came to the UK where I managed to get hold of it.The engine is Hercules RXC petrol engine.CAN YOU HELP.I AM IN UGENT NEED OF A EXHAUST MANIFOLD.Thanks for reading. Howard Wade. »

1948 Diamont T

Hello, My name is Chris Clark and i recently contacted you about my grandfathers 1948 Diamont T. He recently finished the restoration and entered it in the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas and Took first place in his class. He was in the antique non-working class. Attached are pictures. I was wondering if you could tell me an estamaited value.. both for insurance purposes and retail. It only... »

1970 Diamond Reo Info Needed

Hello, I am a supervisor over the body shop at a UPS facility in Indiana. This cab was sent to me from out of state with very little info. I have included a picture of the cab so maybe you can help identify this thing. All I know is it is a 1970 Diamond Reo. VIN # DRH42HC587787 Do you know of anyone that might have N.O.S. parts or anyone reproducing parts for this truck? Any info would be greatly ... »

personal information

I’ve just been hired by a local museum to do research and restoration work on a 1939 Diamond T truck with a bus body. This vehicle has an extensive local history, being used for door to door grocery sales in the 1940s, 50s and early 60s.It was one of several vehicles owned and operated by a local grocer. My first requirement is information on the restoration or leads for purchase of replacem... »


After years of searching for a better grille i have finally decided to bite the bullet and have mine fixed.The nice thing about a 36 grille is…….nothing actually.They dont come apart.Short story,big price.$1600 to fix and chrome.With the exeption of the paint i have restored the truck myself so i guess i shouldnt complain to much.Its the end result i am looking for,not the cost…&... »

54merc AKA ancientauto and his story

I have a 1948 201 that I am restoring presently and a 1947 cab over that came to me taken apart this one I will only need to reassemble. Parts are my biggest problem right now. I would like to find some NOS king pins for the 201. The parts store suggests that I machine a close pair to fit but would like to purchase a real set that would fit properly.I am still feeling my way around the Diamond T w... »

Neal,Al and Dave’s Restoration Project

Al found out about the 1937 Model 80 pickup from his boss. After a little negotiating purchased it, borrowed a trailer a trailer and retrieved it from a farm in Northern Minnesota. The Diamond T sat on the trailer for almost a year while we finished restoring a 1930 Model A Ford Coupe. The project is being done in my garage in Minnetonka, Minnesota, a Western suburb of Minneapolis. We started last... »

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