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1940 Diamond T COE

I just bought what I believe to be a 1940 Diamond T COE. I’m looking for some general production information as well as where the Data tag was originally mounted. Is there anyone reproducing the... »

1935 door question

Need to find out if any other door will fit my 1935 T,mine has the wood re-enforcement and want to swap out for steel re-enforcement… My doors are in great shape,but want the steel instead…... »

Modle 80 D brakes

In early spring 2015 , dusted off the 80D did some polishing and headed out of garage for first car show of the year. I live on a hill overlooking the Cascade mountains. Thanks to the logging days, I ... »

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1940 Diamond T COE

1935 door question

Modle 80 D brakes

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