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1937 Diamond T Fire Pumper

I have a 1937 Diamond T that needs a new home..It’s a Fire Engine in need of restoration. I thought I would offer it up here to someone whowho would appreciate it. I am not sure of the value or what would be a fair price. Let me know if you or anyone you know may be interested. I can send pics if you are interested. Thank you, Gerald »

Free Diamond T truck

I have an old Diamond T truck on my property in Oroville, CA, that I would like to get rid of. Call me for information and photos. »

509 parts


’39 1 1/2 ton all original

’39 1 1/2 ton all original for sale. last ran 5 years ago. will have pictures soon. »

Model 80 that was auctioned

I looked at the Diamond T model 80 that was auctioned off. I drove over early in the week to take a look at it because I had a prior commitment for that Saturday. It was a very restorable truck and complete. I sent a representative to bid on the truck for me. The crowd stopped at $4000.00 (about what the truck was worth – may be a little more). My representative and the person who bought the truck... »

Restoration Parts

I have not found this restoration parts dealer in your web site. Very professional and comes with my highest recomendations. Pat Walsh Restorations 39 Bartley Street PO Box Q Wakefield Massachusetts 01880 Phone# 781-246-3266 fax# 781-224-3311. He can supply a wide range of parts and specializes in rubber. There is a catalogue available on request. It is definatly worth it. »

Mud flaps for Diamond T Trucks

have been working on a 1946 509S for about a year. I got it running the first Iday I bought it so I will probably never restore it fully because it is too much fun to drive around! Instead, it is a work-in-progress that I can drive around town with my wife and kids and look a little goofy. I built a stake bed for it and haul old 1940’s tractors and just have fun. I looked around for mud flap... »

19?? Fire Truck

I have a restored Diamond T Fire truck I want to sell and need some info please. I have put Photo’s in the gallery under our members trucks then click on Fire trucks……. I do not know the history of this vehicle, or even how old it is. I am hoping some of your members might be able to advise me about this vehicle, and what it might be worth to a collector. Once I find out what it ... »

Diamond T 20″ Hubcaps For Sale

Diamond T 20″ hubcaps, for 1937-49 Diamond T trucks with 20″ California style wheels. quality reproduction in stainless, the caps will sell for $175 each. Need orders for 40 sets to proceed with project, need no money now only a commitment to purchase once they are finished. Caps will be sent with a money back guarantee of satisfaction, call write or email to order. Full Circle Restora... »

Ok I have found some rubber

I have found a man that makes rubber parts for our Diamond T’s. He has a catalog that he will send to you. If he does not have it he will get a sample from you and make it up. His Co. Is B.C. Products Co. 3509 S.W. 69 Wakarusa Ks. 66546 Phone (785) 862-1162 Or he has a fax #(785) 862-1162 He can not get online so he does not use E-MAIL More parts brought to you by Gold Miner »

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