My Diamond T Classic

1940 Diamond T COE

I just bought what I believe to be a 1940 Diamond T COE. I’m looking for some general production information as well as where the Data tag was originally mounted. Is there anyone reproducing these tags? Here’s the trucks ID # 404SC1778. Thank you, Chris »

Modle 80 D brakes

In early spring 2015 , dusted off the 80D did some polishing and headed out of garage for first car show of the year. I live on a hill overlooking the Cascade mountains. Thanks to the logging days, I tested the brakes before starting down the first hill. Surprise! no brakes!. Used the hand brake and brought the 80D to a stop. Backed into the garage. The problem was the left front brake line had be... »

Check this out

Close Call Finished getting the 80D ready for first car show of the 2015 season. As usual after setting the spark and choke , a few turns of the starter, the engine started and I was ready to go. Thanks to many experiences in logging and driving logging roads I tested the brakes. No big deal, except I live on a hill overlooking the Cascade Mountains and a long way down. Thankfully the 80 D has a v... »

Newbie to Diamond T

I have a couple 1948 Diamond T farm trucks. They are not restored and have been sitting in our farm yard for 30 years. I used to drive one of them when I was younger. I have them in Montana. I am not sure what to do with them. They both had terminal engine damage, that is why my dad retired them to the yard. I would like to restore, but don’t have much time to dedicate to such a large projec... »

80 D Update

Hello from the North West (Ferndale, WA.) The 80 D is ready for the first car show. On June 5,2020 the DT will be in Ferndale WA. car show at Haggins.  I look forward to meeting  people and answering questions about the history of Diamond T trucks and the history of my 80D. Have attended many car shows. Also joined the Whatcom county GEAR HEADS club. The 2019 VETERANS car show in Bellingham WA. wa... »

Web Page Repair

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen I have I have talked to a company about fixing up the web page and get it running again. The only thing that stands in our way is cash. Here is what was said by us…. I would like to know the cost of changing the web page over to the new format and also repairing some of the programs. Problems with the web page are as follows PHOTOS 1. Photo albums by Gallery will not let... »

Model 80 D, Chasses number 304570

WatchmanII – Oct 09, 2007 – Model 80 D, Chasses number 304570 Original history of this truck is posted in Diamond T Registry. The information above will get you to the original story. Many hours of work – now the fun. I have attended many car shows and antique truck and tractor shows. The 80 D is always very popular and I usually loose my voice in the afternoon, as so many people... »

Diamond vintage ads

I have a huge collection of wonderful Vintage Diamond T and other Truck ads from all eras and publications…lots of info and great for framing also. Contact me for details and I will get right back to you. Sandra How it all works. I am a longtime Vintage Paper Dealer who has a huge amount of assorted subject matter…including a great deal of wonderful Vintage... »

1936 Diamond T pickup

My brother and I are the proud owners of a Diamond T pickup. It was purchased and driven off the showroom floor by our late father. The Diamond T was used by our grandfather’s company to haul dynamite and nitroglycerine in the oil fields of California. After the company was sold, my father bought the truck, and we have had it ever since. A couple of years ago, we had it refirbished to as clo... »

y Myers , Age 53, Optometrist

My Granddad bought a brand new red Diamond T pickup in 1948 and used it as his farm truck in Goshen Ind. until 1970. I remember hauling calves and hogs to and from Shipsewauna auction with a feed sack in the back window because a calf had kicked out the glass. My uncle has stored it on the home place since then. He told me this fall I could restore it if he could have a ride. It is rusted, dirty, ... »

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