54merc AKA ancientauto and his story

I have a 1948 201 that I am restoring presently and a 1947 cab over that came to me taken apart this one I will only need to reassemble. Parts are my biggest problem right now. I would like to find
some NOS king pins for the 201. The parts store suggests that I machine a close pair to fit but would like to purchase a real set that would fit properly.I am still feeling my way around the Diamond T world of trucks and would appreciate guidance to good part source and any other info. thanks
54merc (really ancientauto) Please E-Mail me at birdmanofme@yahoo.com

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    I recently replaced my king pins with a set for an early Dodge truck supplied by NAPA store from current stock list the pins required about 1/4″ from memory to be ground from length use old units as pattern, diameter and bushes were fine although new bushes are slightly shorter, you can live with this, obtain a couple of bushes from a specialist supplier (quite cheaply here in U.K.) as I did and cut 2 in half to provide that bit extra length needed to make up shortfall, I found all this a simple alternative to lots of costly machining and searching for what is probably an impossible dream original NOS. Hope this helps

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