1910 Diamond Car up-date

Hi Bill,
Its Bill here, Just wanted to say hello, and let you know what has been going on with the 1910 Diamond.
This spring we got tires mounted on it. Now its alot easier to move around when we have to do so. We also discovered the steering box is really in poor poor shape and we will be looking in to that as soon as the weather shifts and my lawn doesn’t need all my extra time.
I’ve been in touch with Dr. Regis Englert (the man who took the pictures of the Diamond back in the 1950’s) and he is living in a suburb of Pittsburgh. He asked if it would be alright to come see the car again after all these years…..I told him I would be delighted for him to come up for a visit. He sent me copies of the pictures he took back then, and I have them in a file for the car.
I also got a little information about the cars Charles Tilt was building from the AACA libarary….but there really isn’t much stuff out there about the early years.
I’ve also been in touch with a fellow in the Chicago area who is very interested in the cars of C.A. Tilt…..he has been helpful with most of my questions. he has been researching the car production aspect of Diamond T for some time. I think he might be dropping by here after Hershey this fall to see the car. His name is Dave Henshel….have you heard of him?
Well…..thats about all for now.

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