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Book Published: Diamond T Trucks 1911-1966 Photo Archive

My book, Diamond T 1911-1966 Photo Archive, is now available. This is a must have for any Diamond T fan. My extensive research even included meeting with C.A. Tilt’s grandson, Eric Wentworth. The book, published by Iconografix, has over 120 photographs with extensive captions as well as a concise history of the company. Buy direct from me and I will autograph the book and provide a personali... »

History and comments Modle 80D CHASSIS NUMBER 304570

I have a 1938 Diamond T pickup Model 80 D, Chasses number 304570. I purchased the truck in Butte, Mt. In 1985. The truck belonged to a dairy farmer who purchased the truck new and used the truck to deliver milk in the Butte area until sometime in 1963. The engine and steering were in bad shape. I spent some part of a year searching for original engine parts. I met up with a fellow in Portland Or. ... »

2 Diamond T 3/4 ton panel trucks.

In 1939 my father and his brothers bought 2 Diamond T 3/4 ton panel trucks. one was sold in the early 40’s but my father kept his until 1963. I have many pictures of our beloved Diamond T, which was not only our work truck but also our family transportation until I got a car in 1951. I still have the emblem from the horn, and the nameplate from the engine compartment. I am delighted that oth... »

1948 Diamond T and SEABISCUIT

Hello Bill! Thought the following press release might be of interest to you. As you may already be well aware, the 1948 Diamond T Classic as seen on your website was believed to have been owned by Charles Howard, the owner of the legendary racehorse Seabiscuit. It is now part of the private collection of Mr. Chris Lowe of Wiltshire, UK and on permanent loan at Ridgewood Ranch, the Northern Califor... »


I have been ready some of you answers to questions. I would like to set the record straight. White Motor Corporation bought REO in 1957 and then bought Diamond T in 1958. In 1960 White Motor Corporation moved Diamond T to Lansing, MI where the REO’s and Diamond Ts and some model White Trucks came off the same assembly line. It was called the Lansing Division of the White Motor Corporation. I... »

Photos of the Diamond T200

Hi, I am working on a book called Trucks of the World and I’m struggling to find any pictures of the Diamond T200 from the 1930s. Would anyone be able to help me in finding a picture of this truck that we could use in the book. Email is terry@amberbooks.co.uk Cheers Terry »

Andy Rooney drove a Diamond T!

Hey! This may be old news to some of you, but was news to me, apparently Andy Rooney drove a Diamond T during WWII. I got the info from the book, “My War.” Just thought it was interesting…. My War by Andrew A. Rooney The author recounts his experiences as a young reporter to “Stars and Stripes,” the American forces’ daily newspaper in Europe, including his perso... »

North Korean Diamond Ts????

Here is a tantalizing tidbit… Apparently after WWII, North Korea couldn’t get permission or didn’t have the capital to import heavy equipment such as Russian tractors and specifically, American Diamond T trucks – so they simply disassembled them and copied them without license. If this is true, it may mean that there are still counterfeit Diamond T trucks out there (at least in Korea).... »

Diamond T Trucks from an article by Rolland Jerry

“A truck doesn’t have to be homely,” C.A.Tilt always claimed. He was right dead right. Tilt was president of the Diamond T Motor Car Company Chicago and he believed that passenger car styling and comfort features had a big place in the truck world. It was a novel concept at the time when trucks were angular and as beautiful as cast iron could make them. Putting his theories to work Tilt evolved a ... »