DT Diesel Conversion

Hello! I am brand new in this Forum, but not new to Diamond T’s. Not knowing exactly where and how to start, I began as an apprentice Cadillac Mechanic in i958 after messing around with Harleys and Cushman motorscooters. I soon graduated to trucks and Heavy Equipment. In 1970, I bought a one owner 1947 Diamond T model 404HHS cab& chassis from the R&V Cartage Co. of Chicago. They hauled goods for Spiegel catalogues.

I shortened wheelbase to accomodate a welder, air compressor and Koenig utility body and used it as a Mechanic’s rig as by then I was a Master Mechanic and Heavy Equipment Mechanic/Weldor with Local 150 (Chicago), International Union of Operating Engineers. After an accident in 1972, I restored the truck.

The Hercules gas engine was underpowered and it had a 7:1 rear axle that gave me a maximum speed of 47 mph. That was OK for the city, but it wasn’t in the outskirts where I lived.

In 1978, I yanked out the Hercules and installed a 4-53 Detroit Diesel, a 5-speed Fuller transmission, and an Eaton two-speed rear axle. The fastest I’ve had it up to is 75 mph, and I stll had a lot of pedal left. The maximum revs of a 4-53 is 3,000 rpm. It goes like a scalded ape and gave 16 mpg until I stuck in N-65 injectors.

After 35 years in Local 150, I retired and took a job as Mechanic with the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. I parked the T. It’s been in the garage for 15 years.

Since I no longer need it as a Mechanic’s Rig, I’m “re”-restoring it. I plan to remove the body, AC, and the welder. A gentleman in Colorado said that he might be able to fabricate a pick-up body for it, so I plan to fix it up and putz around with it. I’m active in the Marine Corps League here in Lake County, Illinois, so it will probably end up in local parades.

FWIW, I’m in good health and am 71 YOA.

I welcome comments and look forward in participating in DiamondTClassics.

I can be contacted by writing, phoning or e-mailing at and in care of:

George Wm. Everitt,
601 West Rollins Road,
Round Lke Beach, IL, 60073,
(847) 546 2606
e-mail heavydutygeorge@yahoo.com

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