Mud flaps for Diamond T Trucks

have been working on a 1946 509S for about a year. I got it running the first Iday I bought it so I will probably never restore it fully because it is too much fun to drive around! Instead, it is a work-in-progress that I can drive around town with my wife and kids and look a little goofy. I built a stake bed for it and haul old 1940’s tractors and just have fun.
I looked around for mud flaps for about 6 months but could not find any so I made my own. They turned out pretty well. I bought full size hard rubber black mud flaps from the local truck center. I spent a little time on the Internet looking for a period appropriate Diamond T logo. I found that the “50 years of Diamond T Advertising” book was a good source. I enlarged the logo to about 17″ wide and 10″ tall and made a jig to use with my wood router. I routed the logo into the mud flap a little less than 1/8″ deep and then painted the impression white. It could be routed into any color of flap and painted any color if you wanted.
I was hoping that some day somebody would admire them and ask me to help them make a pair. I’d be happy to help get them on other Diamond T’s and would be interested in trading my time for some Diamond T manuals (or copies) or I need an original parking brake assembly that mounts on the back of the transmission. My truck was once a fire truck and the parking brake was removed and a new one was installed behind the pump transfer case. The drum for the modified brake is broken.
If you are interested you could send me your mud flaps and I could route them for you and you could paint them. Let me know what you think, Fred. You can email me at

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