Model 80 that was auctioned

I looked at the Diamond T model 80 that was auctioned off. I drove over early in the week to take a look at it because I had a prior commitment for that Saturday. It was a very restorable truck and complete. I sent a representative to bid on the truck for me. The crowd stopped at $4000.00 (about what the truck was worth – may be a little more). My representative and the person who bought the truck bid from there. Again I was not present and probably would have stopped earlier. I was told that the person who bought it was the former CEO of Ford motor company. I am posting this so everyone can keep in mind that this is not a good thing because someday you will want to buy parts for your truck or up your insurance etc. and everybody will set the value based on this auction where both people really wanted an item. (kinda like ebay). Before we start to set the value of these things up lets remember how this affects the average guy who wants to restore a truck. This is not a good thing.
By the way I was able to purchase a another restorable model 80 this week for $4500.00. So be careful on what you wish for.

Jim Donahoe

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    I have a 1937 Diamond T Fire Pumper (Truck) I would like to sell. Not sure of the value, it is pretty complete and in need of restoration. If you or anyone you know is interested let me know. My name is Gerald (gbunch on this site)

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