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1910 Diamond Car up-date

Hi Bill, Its Bill here, Just wanted to say hello, and let you know what has been going on with the 1910 Diamond. This spring we got tires mounted on it. Now its alot easier to move around when we have to do so. We also discovered the steering box is really in poor poor shape and we will be looking in to that as soon as the weather shifts and my lawn doesn’t need all my extra time. I’ve... »

DT Diesel Conversion

Hello! I am brand new in this Forum, but not new to Diamond T’s. Not knowing exactly where and how to start, I began as an apprentice Cadillac Mechanic in i958 after messing around with Harleys and Cushman motorscooters. I soon graduated to trucks and Heavy Equipment. In 1970, I bought a one owner 1947 Diamond T model 404HHS cab& chassis from the R&V Cartage Co. of Chicago. They haul... »

Free Diamond T truck

I have an old Diamond T truck on my property in Oroville, CA, that I would like to get rid of. Call me for information and photos. »

Book Published: Diamond T Trucks 1911-1966 Photo Archive

My book, Diamond T 1911-1966 Photo Archive, is now available. This is a must have for any Diamond T fan. My extensive research even included meeting with C.A. Tilt’s grandson, Eric Wentworth. The book, published by Iconografix, has over 120 photographs with extensive captions as well as a concise history of the company. Buy direct from me and I will autograph the book and provide a personali... »

History and comments Modle 80D CHASSIS NUMBER 304570

I have a 1938 Diamond T pickup Model 80 D, Chasses number 304570. I purchased the truck in Butte, Mt. In 1985. The truck belonged to a dairy farmer who purchased the truck new and used the truck to deliver milk in the Butte area until sometime in 1963. The engine and steering were in bad shape. I spent some part of a year searching for original engine parts. I met up with a fellow in Portland Or. ... »

509 parts


2 Diamond T 3/4 ton panel trucks.

In 1939 my father and his brothers bought 2 Diamond T 3/4 ton panel trucks. one was sold in the early 40’s but my father kept his until 1963. I have many pictures of our beloved Diamond T, which was not only our work truck but also our family transportation until I got a car in 1951. I still have the emblem from the horn, and the nameplate from the engine compartment. I am delighted that oth... »

’39 1 1/2 ton all original

’39 1 1/2 ton all original for sale. last ran 5 years ago. will have pictures soon. »

Diamond T 975a

Hello I am restoring a 1944 Diamond T 975a cargo truck,it was in the canadian army during WW2.and then given to the norwegian army.It then came to the UK where I managed to get hold of it.The engine is Hercules RXC petrol engine.CAN YOU HELP.I AM IN UGENT NEED OF A EXHAUST MANIFOLD.Thanks for reading. Howard Wade. »

Model 80 that was auctioned

I looked at the Diamond T model 80 that was auctioned off. I drove over early in the week to take a look at it because I had a prior commitment for that Saturday. It was a very restorable truck and complete. I sent a representative to bid on the truck for me. The crowd stopped at $4000.00 (about what the truck was worth – may be a little more). My representative and the person who bought the truck... »