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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen
I have I have talked to a company about fixing up the web page and get it running again. The only thing that stands in our way is cash.
Here is what was said by us….
I would like to know the cost of changing the web page over to the new format and also repairing some of the programs.

Problems with the web page are as follows
1. Photo albums by Gallery will not let you up load photos at all.
2. It all started when one of our long time user’s donreid changed something in his album.
3. Now when you try to upload a photo you get an error message of

Processing status…
– Adding Crashed truck oo1.jpg
Resizing/compressing original image
No resizing required
Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/wolfmola/public_html/modules/Gallery/platform/fs_unix.php on line 35

Error: Unable to make thumbnail (0)!
Need help? Look in the Gallery FAQ
4. I did try to upload a newer version of Gallery but never could get it installed.
5 Spammers are posting comments under photos. I would also need a way to stop that but let members post comments.

MEMBERSHIP Registration

1. I had to shut down the registration due to spammers adding fake accounts (sometimes 100 a day)
The web page will not auto purge the fake accounts something I would like to fix
2. I need to fix this problem so users can sign up but spammers cant.

I will then go to our membership and see if I can come up with the cash to repair the web page.
Many say they will help pay costs.
Let me know what you think or if you can help us out
Thanks in advance

There is no functional new format you could use. You would need to migrate to new software, but we can assist with that as well.
Here is what I would suggest:
1) We create a staging site for the new software at:


2) We install the new software and set up the site to look somewhat similar to your current website.
3) We replicate the current user experience in terms of navigation links, etc.
4) We embed spam protection.
5) We import the content from the old site. Since we’re only talking about a little more than 100 articles, we might be better off by just copying and pasting them rather than writing a new import software from scratch.
6) We can make the old site available as an “Archive” where users can browse through things but not add any contents to that old site. This would eliminate the need to import the message board and the gallery for example.

We typically charge for these projects $40 by the hour, but if the many who say they will help costs are as much willing to help to rebuild the site and if we can create that archive, I’d say we can lay the foundation for the new site and let your members help to finish it off. What do you think?

I am willing to do the above mentioned job for a flat fee of $250.
Here is what was said by us in response…

What about the forum and photos some of the photos can not be replaced
and the members who uploaded them are dead?



There are two options for both the forum and the gallery.
1) I can install a new forum/gallery on the new site and set a link to the old forum/gallery as an archive.
People will not be able to add things to the old forum/gallery, but the contents can still be seen.
This will be a very cost effective solution

2) I can look into importing the forum/gallery contents to the new site. This could however take a significant amount of time and would increase the costs.
I have done this numerous times before from Postnuke to other similar CMS back then and costs for such solutions are typically around $1000.
Since this has never been done before from PostNuke to a modern CMS by anyone, I cannot give an estimate based on experience.
I can however offer you to have a look once we have migrated the site. Maybe there is an easy fix. I cannot promise that there is one yet though.

So in short can we raise the funds that will be needed to repair the web page or should we shut it down and be done. I would say to be safe $2000.00 dollars minimum is needed. With $300.00 every year for the server.

What do you think?


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    Do it. I will definitely be contributing. We are Diamond T!:)

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    Yes do it! We need Sascha or Mariella back to fix the donation portion and I’m sure we could get the money together and get this site running smooth again!

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    We need to preserve this site as much as we need to preserve the Diamond T trucks we all love. I am will to contribute.
    I propose the following ; To provide for the repair and future maintenance of the site, a reasonable annual fee be established for members. A public “front page” portion of the site would be available for anyone to view but the majority of the content would be protected for only “members” that contribute to the upkeep of the site to use and view.

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    Well, I for one am willing to give it a shot and see if we can sort this site out. If 100 of us threw in twenty bucks, we’d be out of the woods, then a buck fifty a year and we could maintain it. I’m sure the maintenance could be financed through the DiamondT store!

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    I think we need a news letter of some sort. If we had a way of finding addresses for current and older members, we could let folks know that this site is still alive!

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