• Have a 1938 80 D. Had to replace 1/3 of lower half of Driver and Passenger door skins. When door skin is removed then it is easy to fabricate replacement metal frame for wood frame. Unless you are skilled at metal fabrication and welding, you should stay with the wood.

  • In early spring 2015 , dusted off the 80D did some polishing and headed out of garage for first car show of the year. I live on a hill overlooking the Cascade mountains. Thanks to the logging days, I tested the […]

  • Close Call

    Finished getting the 80D ready for first car show of the 2015 season.
    As usual after setting the spark and choke , a few turns of the starter, the engine started and I was ready to go. Thanks to […]

  • Hello from the North West (Ferndale, WA.)

    The 80 D is ready for the first car show. On June 5,2020 the DT will be in Ferndale WA. car show at Haggins.  I look forward to meeting  people and answering q […]

  • WatchmanII changed their profile picture 6 years, 7 months ago

  • Winter in the northwes, (Ferndale WA) has put the 80

    Winter in the Northwest (Ferndale, WA) has put the 80 D in the grage. I sure miss driving arround the county and talking to all the folks who want to see the truck and talk about Diamond T history. Always the top looked and talked about truck in car shows. I thind I could write a book about…[Read more]

  • I attended two car shows so far this year. Annual Veterans car show in Bellingham WA. and Old Settlers Picnic in Ferndale WA.
    I have kept the 80 D in as original shape as possible. The truck looks just as though it was still on the farm in Butte MT.
    Got some nice trophies for the 80 D.
    I was really impressed by the number of folks dropping by…[Read more]

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