Andy Hawn

  • Thanks for the reply, So… I should try somehow to contact Mr. Yoder ( THE WEBSITE OWNER – who may or may not be the owner of that engine ) to ask what oil filter is being used in that oil cooler assembly? I have read that there is an effort to repair the website and I would gladly contribute some coin to that effort, however I find no…[Read more]

  • Please excuse my not knowing how to use this site to communicate with other members, but I am new to it. I was looking at the pictures of members trucks and I believe I saw an album labeled “The Motor ” . My 49 509L with Herc. JXD has the same Michiana oil conditioner on it, and I was wondering how to go about contacting the owner of that engine…[Read more]

  • Amazing, I have been attempting to sign up for this website for literally years, and just today I was able to get registered.
    I am the owner of an 1949 DT model 509 fire engine that I am restoring. Hopefully I can make use of some of the knowledge on the site. I will have to figure out how to view the pictures. At any rate I am glad to see this…[Read more]

  • Andy Hawn became a registered member 5 years, 4 months ago

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